Myco Mystic Mushrooms

Myco Mystic Mushrooms is a small farm and foraging business in Fort Collins, Colorado founded by Josh Vogeler in 2016.

The mission is to cultivate and forage high quality gourmet and medicinal mushrooms, while educating the community about our fungal allies.  A variety of species are seasonally available fresh, dehydrated, as myco teas, and in medicinal extractions.  Environmental sustainability and community education are infused with art and music to create fun pathways for deepening our relationships with nature!

Information and disclaimers:
*Josh Vogeler is a registered Wild Mushroom Identification Expert by the CO Dept. of Public Health and Environment.
*Wild mushrooms should never be eaten unless identified by an expert, and should always be cooked. 
*Anybody could have an allergy to any mushroom species, so start with a small amount when trying something for the first time.
*My dehydrated mushroom products are processed and sold in accordance to the Colorado Cottage Food Act.  The processing is done in a home kitchen, not licensed or inspected by the state of CO or the FDA.  
*Any statements about "medicinal" effects are based on science, but have not been evaluated by the FDA.

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King Bolete

King Bolete

Aspen Polypore, 
Phellinus tremulae

Aspen Polypore, Phellinus tremulae

Black Morel

Black Morel